Hither Green Park

Community Park Transformation

New plans are being prepared for the small green space on Bewdeley Avenue. Aragon sees to create a high quality public park and community events space, whilst preserving pedestrian access to the adjacent property which is under development at 429 Lampson St, Victoria.


The new park will comprise of a rich mixture of treillage, shade arbors, seating and ornamental plantings and pathway surfaces arranged into two distinct garden spaces; a “Mediterranean Garden” and a “Seaside Garden”.

The Mediterranean Garden comprises broad paved surfaces, many park benches, and aromatic and scented plantings (deer resistant lavender, geranium, and rosemary) encapsulated by substantial wooden colonnades, whilst the “Seaside Garden” conveys a more naturalistic character with drifts of tall ornamental grasses, sweeps of pebbles, round boulders, and a decked seating area under the shade of a wooden arbor.


The Mediterranean Garden would be provided with power outlets for equipment supporting organized neighbourhood events and low key lighting will be provided so that the park can be safely visited after dusk.

A variety of paving stones will be used to create exciting surface textures and patterns.

Hither Green Park signs will be installed at each end of the park.

Emergency vehicles will use the park as the primary access to the adjacent property. In order to accommodate fire truck access, the park’s structures will be cleverly placed on either side of the access lane. All other vehicle access will be prohibited from the park. The new park will transplant several trees from the adjacent property in order to maintain the character of the existing green space and is intended to provide a sanctuary for the surrounding neighbourhood.



Community is important to us. We welcome your feedback throughout the planning process. Please leave us your comments, questions and concerns.


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