Aragon Forward

We are Aragon

We create unique Experiences Designed to Move you Forward

We create new design standards. We challenge old real estate models. We embrace the importance of living in a changing environment. We contribute to neighbourhoods with undiscovered potential. We find comfort in the unexpected.

From inception 30 years ago, Aragon has focused on innovative and distinctive design combined with outstanding quality. Honouring these values expresses our desire and commitment to creating sophisticated homes.

Lenny Moy

30 years of learning

As President of Aragon Properties, Lenny Moy excels in the art of creating, acting as Chief Innovation Officer from idea to execution. With a visionary stance on leadership inspired by competitive sports, he motivates employees, challenges the team, and pushes for innovation. As a result, a focused, intuitive, and strong collaboration of people emerges. Ultimately, he is our driving force.

We are always looking for the next, new community

It is the responsibility of our ACQUISITIONS team to determine what homeowners will gravitate towards, now and tomorrow. We know that community is more than a group of homes – it is the art of complementing residential with easily accessible amenities. The convenience of grocery stores, restaurants, and services are expected more today, than ever before. We forecast these needs. We define new communities. We THINK FORWARD to make a difference, to make living better.

Carving out spaces from a blank canvas

INTERIOR DESIGN is the act of enhancing experience in an already thoughtfully designed environment – it is an aesthetic extension of the architectural form. Using deliberately selected materials and finishes, we create liveable and relevant residences that people will connect to. We compel people to LIVE FORWARD by fashioning purposeful homes that marry beauty with function. Our aim is to evoke emotion and relatability, and to design homes to fall in love with.

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