The Avant condo unit that I bought on impulse is the best investment I ever made. The magnificent water views that span my living room to the end of the master bedroom is priceless, and indeed is like a hidden gem on the East Side.


Throughout the building process, all of our questions were addressed with respect and professionalism. We are delighted with our Aragon homes at Duo and are looking forward to spending many years in the beautiful community atmosphere that Aragon has created in Port Royal.

Marcus & Wally

I want to express how happy my wife and I are here in Port Royal, we love our home and the neighbourhood. Port Royal is an unassuming gem tucked away in the lower mainland, come check it out!

Rance & Carol Myers

All members of your sales team were courteous and the feedback from each sales representative was informative and I was always kept in the loop at all times.

Danielle Dufaut

All staff at Aragon properties are excellent, from start to finish, they walk you through all the process of the purchase, you are not left with any questions. And when the time comes for the keys you are left with a very pleasant smile, knowing that everything you expected has been completed.

I love it and am very happy I popped my head in at the sales center.

Elke Enders

The Station offers a nice mix of modern, stylish and green living: The location is here. The natural beauty is here. The conveniences are here. The support and expertise is here. The value potential is here. If you are considering buying here I feel it to be a fantastic investment.


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