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Eighty One Wellesley is a 28 storey condominium development located in The Village at Church and Wellesley. The Village is a comfortable and supportive community that offers the connectedness of a small town, in the heart of Toronto.

The Aragon team will be providing regular updates throughout construction phase to keep future residents and neighbours informed of the progress. Photos will be added regularly, and should you have any questions, please feel free to reach out via the contact information provided below.


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End of September Updates
Aug, 2019
Shotcrete underway
Jul, 2019
Excavation Complete
Jun, 2019
Utility Works
May, 2019
Crane Installation
Apr, 2019
Shoring is complete

Brick work completed on east elevation.

During September our forming contractor experienced a COVID outbreak amongst their crew.  As a result, they were unable to work for the better part of two weeks.  While no other trades were impacted directly, work was slowed substantially, especially while the crane operator was not on site.

Brick work continues on east elevation.

Windows and exterior doors continue to be installed as do interior steel studs.

Brick work beginning on east elevation.

Windows and precast continue being installed.

Brick work complete on west elevation.

Both car elevators now complete.

Brick work is now underway.

Precast panels continue to be installed.

Windows are being installed.

The scaffold system installed so that the masonry can begin.

The Tower Crane has been raised again.

Work continues above ground, below ground, and on the interior and exterior walls.

In spite of a few days lost to -20 degree temperatures and snow, construction continues.

Precast concrete is being hung, interior block walls are being placed, and installation of steel studs has commenced as well.

The first car elevator is operational.

Construction continues while all health and safety protocols, including those for COVID, continue to be followed.

Installation of precast panels continues; west side of ground floor nears completion.

Construction continues while all health and safety protocols, including those for COVID, continue to be followed.

Above Ground:

Double manhoists on site being finalized for use.

Amenity area forming complete.

Below Ground:

First car elevator being finalized for use.

Installation of block walls continues.

Toronto Hydro finally completed energizing the building.   Generator and Power Shack have been removed.

Hoist scheduled to be installed shortly.

As we continue to build upwards, the tower crane has been raised once, and will be raised again shortly, to keep pace with construction.

We are still waiting on Toronto Hydro to make their final connection to the building.

Public Art has been installed on the overhead protection.  Prepared by Toronto artist Andrew Owen, the art celebrates the diversity of the Church and Wellesley area.

Work continues below grade – with car elevators being installed and the Hydro vault ready for connecting.

Above ground slabs and walls continue to be poured.

While continued hot weather slowed down production somewhat, good progress continues to be made above and below grade.

Overhead protection has been installed. Keep an eye out for the public art – coming soon!

Construction continues to progress as restrictions across the province are slowly being lifted. Above and below grade work continues to progress while maintaining all COVID protocols.

As we continue to work through these trying times, construction is ongoing. The amount of steel that goes into the walls is quite impressive.

Construction is continuing as permitted by the Province and City and all proper sanitation and physical distancing guidelines are being followed. We hope the community is staying safe and healthy.

With wintry weather, construction continues above grade.

As work continues above grade on site, here is a picture of the complex forming that isn’t always visible.

Parking level P1 almost complete. Decking to ground floor to start early December.

Parking levels P3 and P2 are now complete and P1 is partially poured. Very exciting, the building will be out of the ground very soon!

Construction is excited to announce the dewatering process is now completed and all equipment has been removed. Concrete slabs for the parking levels are now underway.

Shotcrete is being applied and the underground parking walls are being constructed.

We’re excited to announce excavation is complete and the tower crane has been erected. Foundation waterproofing and installation of re-bar and concrete now underway.

The subcontractor for Toronto Water is mobilizing to install the water and sewer connections for the 81 Wellesley development.   Work is expected to begin the week of June 10, 2019.   All work is being done under contract with Toronto Water and will be overseen by them.   This work is expected to take up to 3 weeks and will result in periodic lane closures.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact –  Supervisor for Contract Services  Juan Raffles (416-392-7122) Juan.Raffles@toronto.ca

Crane installation is scheduled for Saturday, May 4th. Wellesley Street E will be closed during the installation.

Shoring installation is now complete. Rigs have been removed and final excavation is set to begin April 1, 2019





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