Deconstructing Enigma On The Park

“This building isn’t afraid to have individual personality. That’s part of its charm,”
—Richard Witt, Principal at Quadrangle

Enigma on the Park is anything but ordinary – much like the animated neighbourhood of Bloordale, where these park-side townhomes and condos will soon be built. Designed by Quadrangle Architects, the building prominently stands on the edge of a park, surrounded by galleries, restaurants, and boutiques housed in all styles of real estate, from converted warehouses to a heritage tower. In a neighbourhood with a unique assortment of buildings, Enigma on the Park can’t help but be different.

“This building isn’t afraid to have individual personality. That’s part of its charm,” explains Richard Witt, Principal at Quadrangle. When designing the building, he and his team began by examining the contextual relationship. With the open space of the neighbouring park and nearby low-rise residential, it was important to decrease the mass of the building. This was achieved by artful illusion and the creative use of space.

The bold cladding creates a false perspective by breaking the exterior into smaller pieces – tricking the eye into seeing a lighter form. The expanse of interior space is due to the elegance of the structural system – the transition from the street into the courtyard, and from the building entrance into the tower and across the bridge. “The amount of space that’s on the site once it’s built is quite unusual. Usually in Toronto, buildings are much more densely occupying the site.”

While the form is very expressive, the building is also designed to function. “Our philosophy of work is all about performance. The building needs to perform technically, it needs to perform contextually. And once you satisfy that, the expression is usually interesting because of satisfying those criteria rather than through the willful process of form making.”

Enigma on the Park challenges the norm of Toronto residential development. And we’re excited to commence construction on this conversation starter. Visit our Presentation Centre at 138 St. Helens Avenue, Toronto from noon to 6pm Monday to Thursday and noon to 5pm Saturday and Sunday. Or contact us at (416) 516 1551 and by email at

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