Design Forward: Zoë Pawlak

There’s no shortage of artistic talent in Vancouver. And one of those who stand out is Zoë Pawlak, who has been decorating homes with variations of her contemporary art for years.

From the female form and wild horses to abstract and landscapes, her art now makes an impact in interiors around the world. She uses colours that are vibrant and calming, lush and subdued. There is something about her pieces that make you pause and consider the message – every time you see it. Her distinguishable style is frequently inspired by the human experience. “It is so tragic and yet so glorious. I don’t think there could be a more rich subject matter to make work about or from.”

Not only dedicated to the painted medium, Zoë has designed rugs in collaboration with Burritt Bros. and textiles with Vancouver fashion label Nicole Bridger.

We’re excited to see what Zoë creates next and watch her career continue to climb.

See more of her beautiful portfolio on her website. You’ll be imagining the pieces on your wall and your floor.

Photo: Tracey Ayton Photography

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