DESIGNFORWARD Furniture In Canada

Designers in Canada have established themselves as names-to-know in interior design circles in cities around the globe. Canadian designers have shed an ancient reputation of kitschy cabin décor and now move into more sophisticated creations for the home. Wood is the obvious material to work with in Canada, and designers are taking advantage of this classic resource in contemporary ways.

Based in Ottawa, Christopher Solar left a career as a software designer when his hobby designing furniture took off. Working with white oak and walnut, Solar’s designs seem reminiscent of the mid-century modern era. Hand-made and in limited production, the items are one-of-a-kind and built with durability.

Imagining graceful shapes from various thicknesses and finishes of wood, each IZM piece “starts life unique in appearance, but further develops a characteristic patina when loved by generations of users.” From dining tables to coffee tables to seating, the Edmonton-based design studio has crafted a collection of heirloom quality, available directly or from select retailers across Canada and the US.

An award-winning designer and international exhibitor, Matthew Kroeker has made a name for himself creating experimental furniture in Winnipeg. Beyond furniture, Kroeker founded Top & Derby ­– unique and stylish home products, such as walking sticks, for those with disabilities.

Steven Pollack has found artistry in concrete by beautifully combining the solid material with wood and steel. In Vancouver, Pollack is inspired by the urban landscape, construction cranes, and forested mountains, finding harmony in their contrasts.

Adding playful elements of colour and shape to her furniture and home accessory designs, Zoe Mowat has established herself as an innovative designer in Montreal. She takes a sculptural approach to each piece, producing unexpected shapes and textures.

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