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Trio Lands at Cordova Bay

Aragon has the vision to convert what has traditionally been a gravel pit into a low-medium density development. Since 2015 Aragon has been consulting the community about a plan that will best fit with the area. So far extensive research has been done to address the community’s concerns such as traffic, parking, building heights, density and green design. Listening to the community’s concerns the plan for building heights have been reduced, and the number of units has dropped by 30%, more recently we are also trying to accommodate space for a relocation of the Cordova Bay Badminton Club to a new facility in the proposed development.

Aragon has hired an arborist to assess the site and develop a tree protection plan and as part of the design. A traffic consultant  was also contracted to asses and minimize any impact from the development of additional vehicle volume to the area.

If you are from the area or interested in this development we would love to hear from you! Contact us below with your comments, questions, and feedback.


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Oct, 2017
Aragon makes Application for Deposit of Fill.
Jun, 2017
Meeting with Cordova Bay Community Association
Nov, 2016
3rd Community Design Consultation
Aug, 2016
Resubmit Revised Master Site Plan
Apr, 2016
Revision Request from District of Saanich
Mar, 2016
Revised Master Site Plan
Jul, 2015
Preliminary Rezoning Application
Jun, 2015
1st Community Design Consultation
May, 2015
2nd Community Design Consultation
Jan, 2015
Preliminary Rezoning Review by District of Saanich
Jan, 2000
Trio Lands mine stops production
Jan, 1966
Trio Lands Gravel Mine opens

Aragon makes an application to deposit fill at the North end of the Cordova Bay site. As part of the Esquimalt Town Square (ETS) Project, in which Aragon is building a mixed use project complete with a Library which will be completed for the township. The fill excavated from one level of underground parking at the ETS project is proposed to be transported to Cordova Bay and placed at the North End of the old Trio Gravel Pit. The fill is proposed to be moved to a location which where it will sit below the original grade of the site, prior to the gravel mining.

This fill is not intended to be connected to any development proposal at Cordova Bay.

The development of the Trio Gravel Pit at Cordova Bay is still in the planning stage. Aragon has been working to bring a new design forward which will address the feed back we received during the last rezoning application, as well as the feedback we have heard from the community since then. Updates will be posted to this website to keep the community informed.

If you have feedback or would like further information feel free to reach out to Luke Ramsay in the contact form below. lramsay@aragon.ca

Aragon held a meeting between members of the Cordova Bay Community Association to discuss the relocation of the Cordova Bay Badminton Club into the proposed development.  The Geotechincal Engineers presented new data from recent soil testing which outlined the locations where it is difficult to build density due to poor soil conditions.

Preliminary ideas about a location for the badminton club were proposed and there was an informed discussion regarding where buildings might be placed in the future development. During the meeting it was discussed that in order to provide space for the badminton club the units displaced would likely be relocated to a taller building.

Some comments we heard from the CBA included:

  • Like the idea of including the Badminton Club even if that units displaced are relocated to other buildings.
  • The best location for taller buildings would be away from the road on the higher end of the site on the west side.
  • A mix of housing types is important, especially single family, duplex and townhomes.
  • The badminton club could be incorporated in many areas of the site, although allowing a central location would be more beneficial for the users.
  • Traffic flow into the Badminton Club should be considered, keeping any congestion away from Cordova Bay road is important.
  • Aragon should further develop the plan and present it to the community for further consultations.

Community meeting held and further comments taken to revise concept plan .


The master site plan design revisions include (but is not limited to):
Density reduced from 330 to 309 homes
Reduction of 6 storey building to 4 storey at the Cordova Bay Road entrance
Elimination of the Cordova Bay townhouses and replacement with two single family lots
Revised and up-dated Traffic Study to address the neighbourhood concerns

District of Saanich has requested elimination of the seven residential units fronting onto Cordova Bay Road in the West side of the site, along with a reduction in the number of units in the North side of the site to bring the density closer to +300 homes.


Aragon presents revised master site plan to District of Saanich/Planning Department and CBA. The revised site plan has been reduced from a unit count of 385 to 330 homes


Based on comments received from the neighbourhood and other public input, the First Concept Plan was revised to address these concerns and a revised plan was prepared. Aragon submits the Preliminary Rezoning Application to the District of Saanich. The revised zoning application addressed public concerns and revised density to 385 homes.

Solicited community member’s ideas. Over 100 people were in attendance leaving their comments on the development design.

The following five principles were taken from the February 21 meeting and applied to the design of the master plan community:
A diversity of housing form is essential for community building and affordability
Connectivity and open space are central requirements
Moderate density and height are supportable if we respect views and good planning
The plan must add to neighbourhood amenity and fit the community
Commercial uses should build on the success of Mattick’s Farm

Aragon presented the First Concept Plan to the Neighbourhood and the public.

Further ideas incorporated into design process for future plans.

District of Saanich reviews submission and presents further concerns and requirements to Aragon.

Mining and production stops at the Trio Lands Gravel Pit

The original gravel pit mining begins


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