Live Forward: What Our Interior Designers Are Talking About In 2016

While some aesthetics are timeless, design trends and ideals are shifting almost as regularly as the seasons. Modern expectations are leaning towards technology, convenience, and functionality like never before.

We spoke with Aragon’s interior design team, currently working on new projects in Vancouver and Toronto, to find out what their top three design forward trends are for 2016.

1. Minimalist European

This design style has been around for awhile, but subtly changes with each passing year. The clean, simple Scandinavian aesthetic reigns in Minimalist European, and is re-interpreted on the West Coast with the addition of more wood for a warmer feel.

2. 80s Revival

Every era has a comeback, and this year our team is seeing flashes of the 80s. Mirrored surfaces and the use of brass on hardware, faucets, and accents are all indicators of a trip back in time.

3. Craftsmanship

With quality driving selection, there’s an increasing appreciation for craftsmanship and old world skill sets that integrate new technology for modern day use. Locally made products – furniture, fixtures, home accessories – are being sought out to fulfill this demand for superiority.

Especially true in kitchens, each of the above trends are paired with technology to enhance the living experience. Concealed islands, which slide or fold out to maximize cabinet storage, and other smart space solutions are integrated into design.

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