LIVEFORWARD: Social Life At Eighty One Wellesley

When designing Eighty One Wellesley in Toronto, we largely focused on creating spaces that inspire interaction. We believe in the importance of community, and want residents to get to know their neighbours – inside the building and outside. To achieve this connection, we designed an outdoor public space, inviting amenities, and interiors that encourage entertaining. Take a look at how Eighty One Wellesley brings people together:

Public Space

Directly on Wellesley Street, residents and neighbours in the community will enjoy a welcoming outdoor space with seating and sculpture art. In the coming weeks, with the guidance of Public Art Management, we will engage in the process of gaining city approval and selecting an artist to conceive an appropriate work of art that will enrich the community. In addition to this gathering point, a ground floor retail space will act as a convenient locale to meet new people and old friends.


Our aim is to inspire a dialogue amongst neighbours, which is why amenities at Eighty One Wellesley are designed as large open spaces. A two-storey glass-enclosed lounge opens onto an expansive outdoor terrace with plenty of seating and view corridors to the north, west, and east. A gourmet kitchen and dining area invites you to host meals or cooking classes with friends. You may even meet someone in the state-of-the-art fitness studio. While the neighbourhood is packed with cafes, bars, and restaurants, you will also create a social life right at home.


The style of Eighty One Wellesley is inspired by the mid-century modern design era, which is a time known for its classy home entertaining. Interiors honour space and light, with distinctive design palettes that allow you to express your individual tastes. Luxury European appliances are ideal for preparing dishes for dinner or cocktail parties, and large windows capture the lights of the city. We created homes to take pleasure in – by you and your guests.

Eighty One Wellesley opens on Saturday, September 24th at noon in the Church-Wellesley neighbourhood of downtown Toronto. Discover more details of the modern residences at

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