Complement without conforming.

How do you respect a neighbourhood for its history and sense of place, while moving it forward? Vancouver’s Westside is an iconic neighbourhood, not only for its expansive parks, exceptional schools, and convenient amenities, but also for the heritage feeling of its architecture.

More of the space you actually live in.

We believe we can build condos and townhomes that are even more livable than single family homes. The starting point? Studying how most people actually use their space. On average, people use just 30% of their home regularly—and traditional layouts, which chop up spaces into as many rooms as possible, fail to maximize the areas we use most. At Aragon, we take the 30% you use all the time and make it 90% of your home. Amber’s floor plans follow this 30/90 rule—thoughtfully designed to make the most of the space you actually live in.


At Aragon, we believe in showing you how we’re different—which is why we’re selling finished homes. After all, it can be difficult to visualize how you'll feel in a space based on a floor plan and renderings alone. (And nobody wants to wait years before they can actually move in.) We think unique buildings like Amber need to be experienced, and that buyers should be able to actually see what they’re getting.


We think beyond the walls of your home, because that’s only part of the equation. Location shapes your living experience as much as design—and people need access to both nature and urban amenities for a modern, balanced life. So we take a step back to look at our projects in a larger context. With Amber, that meant choosing a neighbourhood with access to the green spaces of Douglas Park, and the shops and restaurants of Oak Street, South Granville, and Cambie Village—a location that perfectly captures Westside living today.

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