Enigma Lofts

Welcome to Bloordale

Enigma is in the heart of a community undergoing dramatic changes. New stores and restaurants pop up daily as business owners service this emerging neighborhood.   Boutiques, cafes, galleries, gyms and markets make Bloordale a truly liveable 24 hour community.

Enigma is at the centre of The Mobility Hub

A mobility hub is more than just a transit station. Mobility hubs consist of major transit stations and the surrounding area. They serve a critical function in the regional transportation system as the origin, destination, or transfer point for a significant portion of trips. They are places of connectivity where different modes of transportation – from walking to biking to riding transit – come together seamlessly and where there is an intensive concentration of working, living, shopping and/or playing. Enigma is located in an area that is walking distance to both the Metro and Go Train stations. Bloor Station, one of two stops for the Union Pearson Express between Toronto Pearson and Union Station in downtown Toronto, is on Bloor Street just east of the intersection with Dundas Street West.


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More about this great neighbourhood

Bloordale is an exciting destination for an emerging art and culture scene. Small galleries and studios lead mainstream thinking and become the signpost of the creative direction the community is taking. Enigma offers an early opportunity to be a part of a community with a vision for the future of urban living in Toronto.

Nothing really lives without being connected to a heart. At Enigma, you’re only minutes away from the train that takes you straight down Bloor into Toronto’s downtown core. This keeps your live/work commute simple, and improves your quality of life.

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