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At Aragon, we make our vision reality through forward-thinking design. We pioneer construction techniques to create spaces that can actually improve your life—and are designed to adapt as your life changes. Because we believe that great design is about much more than aesthetics. It’s about an experience.

The balcony goes big. As in three times as big.

Most condo balconies feel way too small—which means they barely get used. At Shift, we used ultra-strong timber beams to build innovative cantilevered balconies that are three times bigger than the norm. Their distinct, staggered design lets you get out from under your neighbours and into the sun.

Learn more about the design forward construction elements offered at Shift.

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    Steel columns like the ones pictured provide the support for 20+ foot wide, floor-to ceiling openings.

  2. 02

    These timber beams span between the steel columns, allowing for wide open floor plans.

  3. 03

    Once the beams and steel are cladded, all you see is the impact of massive openings and panoramic views.

Because an open wall beats an open window.

We wanted to make the outdoors an important part of every home at Shift. We turned to sturdy steel framing to make it happen. Steel’s superior strength allowed us to create noticeably bigger openings for our folding glass window walls. Spans as long as 20 feet bathe the interiors with light and give you unfettered access to the outside.