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At Aragon, we think deeply about what that actually means. We believe building near, but not on, commercial strips delivers the best of everything: access to the urban amenities with quieter, more liveable surroundings. By locating Shift just off Main Street, we maximize liveability, both right now and as your life—and Vancouver—continues to grow.

We believe in the right
kind of density.

Smart growth means bringing more diverse types of housing to neighbourhoods where families want to live. It means replacing four single-family homes with 43 spacious condos that are even more liveable. It means designing with families in mind, focusing on one-, two- and three-bedroom homes with lots of storage space. And ensuring buildings are connected to the community rather than set apart from it.

Go outside the box

Why should single-family homes have a monopoly on outdoor space? We believe every home needs access to the outdoors—and we’re always seeking new ways to break down the boundary between inside and outside. We designed Shift with folding glass window walls that slide completely open and balconies that are three times bigger than the norm. Not to mention rooftop patios with built-in kitchens for easy entertaining.

Don’t just trust us
—see it yourself.

Buying a home is a big decision, and we believe you shouldn’t have to make it based on a floorplan alone. We’re only selling Shift as finished homes so you can actually see them and imagine your life there before committing to anything. When you walk through the space—and experience the impact of countless design details—you’ll be able to see exactly what you’re getting.