Reclaimed Brick At Portage

Setting living spaces apart from the ordinary, a signature brick wall comes standard in most Aragon homes. The soon-to-be-released condo and loft homes at our new Port Royal community, Portage, will also include this striking visual. Here, the reclaimed bricks will create a link between the past and the present, merging old stories with new.

The process of using reclaimed bricks is a gradual and detailed one. Dani Ferenc, Project Manager of Construction, explains, “In order for us to re-use materials that are old and existing, the building has to be demolished slowly.” The building in Portage’s case is Vancouver’s Continental Hotel, which once stood at the foot of the Granville Street Bridge as a saloon in the early 1900’s and was later home to the Whaling Wall painted in 1985 by renowned environmental artist Wyland.

After demolition, each brick must be carefully cleaned with steel brushes to remove loose pieces, mortar, and paint before being methodically installed into its new place. Roughly 700 bricks are allocated for use in each residence, adding up to hours of meticulous work.

With only so many old brick buildings in the city, reclaimed brick walls are a rare and special feature, and we’re proud to offer them at Portage. Register now to own a portion of history.

Listen to Dani Ferenc share more details Portage’s development on our latest Aragon video here.

Image source: Changing Vancouver

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