Think Forward: Waterfront Living At The Peninsula

Think world class waterfront. Think private marina. Rethink location.

In Vancouver, the general assumption when it comes to waterfront equates to oceanfront. And the abundance of beautiful coastline makes that a fair assumption. But with oceanfront quickly diminishing in accessible quantity and cost, alternative locations must be sought out.

Which is how we found the river.

Our Port Royal master-planned community is located on the dynamic shores of the Fraser River, near the exit point of the 1,375 kilometre waterway. From the Rocky Mountains to the Strait of Georgia, the river changes with every season. It’s not unusual to spy seals, osprey, great blue heron, and eagles from the banks. Massive white sturgeon and schools of salmon are a draw for fishing. Riverboats paddle their big wheels and tug boats pull bobbing logs. All with the majestic mountains as a backdrop.

The riverfront is as captivating as the oceanfront.

With this in mind, we positioned The Peninsula at the very point of Port Royal, surrounded by water on three sides. Not only do these luxurious, resort-style homes have the view advantage of waterfront, residents can easily become part of the river itself. A feature rarely associated with waterfront homes, The Peninsula boasts a private marina for residents to moor their boats and truly enjoy waterfront living.

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